Fee Schedule

William L. Nagle, Special Master/Mediator serving the San Francisco Bay Area


William L. Nagle, Special Master/Mediator
Effective November 1, 2018




Mediation and Arbitration Services

Full Day - $10,000

Half Day - $5,000

Full day is eight hours. Half day is four hours. Any additional time will be charged at $950 per hour.

Parties to pay in advance of hearings.

Special Master Services

$950 per hour

Rates include hearings, conferences, review of briefs or documents, and research. To the extent possible, the reading of day-to-day correspondence and court documents will be performed by a paralegal or clerical staff member. In addition, parties will be charged for photocopies, telephone, fax services and travel incurred in the handling of each matter.

Fees for Special Master or Discovery Referee services will be apportioned based upon a number of factors, including the parties’ relative exposure, contributions to settlement, time spent with individual parties, relevant Court orders, and ability to pay. Fees will be billed periodically or as otherwise requested by the parties.


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